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My name is James McDairmant. I have been training in the Bujinkan organization since 1990 and been the head instructor for the Bujinkan Kosciusko Dojo since 1995.  As such, I have attended numerous workshops and seminars all over the United States and Japan, while teaching regularly around the Midwest.  The Bujinkan is a comprehensive martial art that encompasses nine traditional Japanese Ryuha, some of which lean very heavily on Kenjutsu training.  There are numerous Kenjutsu Schools and I do not claim to know them all, that is part of the reason for this blog, I would like to expand my horizons while meeting others that share my passion. I am available for teaching workshops either in Bujinkan Kenjutsu or the Bujinkan arts as a whole. Please contact me for more information.


This clip is from a workshop I taught a few years back, the focus of this clip was to try and explain ONE of the reasons we typically do not let the sword drop past horizontal in a cut from Jodan. Obviously there might be times when one would need to push the cut farther, but this clip was focused “proper” alignment for cutting.

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